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PUBSTRAT is now integrated with SYQUENCE to deliver the most comprehensive system for global medical communication teams. From Journal & Conference selection to Author Compliance and Document Publishing, SYQUENCE is guaranteed to streamline your publication development process and reduce resource workload. SYQUENCE ensures that your projects are completed on time with minimal effort and that published data is consistent.


Author Compliance
Study Data Master Form
Project & Milestone Planner
Online Document Authoring
Document Sharing Portal

Journal & Conference Database
Citation Portal & PubMed import
Milestone Driven Workflows
Task Notification Alerts
Reports, Dashboards & Alerts


Sylogent, with more than ten years of experience with publication planning, has designed a system that dramatically simplifies the publication development process by automating significant amounts of work. Study data can be entered manually or the system can be integrated to automatically import data from CTMS system, or an excel data file. The system can be configured to instantly create default publication plans directly from the study metadata that is managed in SYQUENCE.


Since its founding, Sylogent has focused on, and even become synonymous with simplicity. Simplicity drives our development teams to design tools that are intuitive for each user and that add value by making the processes and resource efforts easier. The system available anytime and user just need internet access and a modern browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome or Safari). Automated task notifications are sent via email to alert users that they have a pending action; and upon action the system automatically resolves the task and moves the document through the workflow until completed.


With our automated development process, SYQUENCE can be deployed and ready to use within days. The system includes an integrated training module that assists with user on-boarding. The migration utility instantly downloads sponsor records from and EudraCT. The unique system configuration enables users to modify records quickly and get them approved for publishing. The customized reports and dashboards can be generated by selecting filters and pushing a button. Data can be exported to PDF, Word or Excel within seconds..


One of the beneftis of SYQUENCE is the affordable pricing options for any size company. SYQUENCE is designed to deliver the best ROI when compared with all company systems, year after year. Publication Planning is a required task for most sponsors, and SYQUENCE guarantees to help make it simple, easy and fast while saving you significant costs.

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